Eg er ein frosk

EG ER EIN FROSK (I am a frog) is a piece developed for the brass quintet NyNorsk Messingkvintett and counter tenor Sean Bell. It started with a short piece commissioned in 2017 which was developed to a full concert the year after. EG ER EIN FROSK is based on a text by the Norwegian author and performance artist Kurt Johannessen, that tells the surrealistic story about a frog that is about to eat a fly. The story unfolds as a puppetry on a flannel board where the musicians place the different characters in the story and move them around as the story is told.
eg er ein frosk

Vi jobber knallhardt med "eg er ein frosk" om dagen og gleder oss til forestilling på søndag (litteraturhuset i Oslo kl 1400). I denne minidokumentaren kan du se litt hvordan vi jobber og prosessen bak forestillingen.

Publisert av NyNorsk Messingkvintett Tirsdag 22. mai 2018

Written by Weberemitt on Tuesday September 3, 2019

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